Aalborg Carnival gets to know its audience

An analyse covering who attends Aalborg Karneval and what kinds of communities they represent.



We are accustomed to understanding cultural segments using general classifications, genres, and target groups, which are usually based on demographic variables. However, Aalborg Karneval attracts a wide variety of target groups and can be classified as a cultural genre of its own. With this analysis, Aalborg commune hopes to find out more about the intersecting interests and character traits that define Aalborg Karneval’s varied audience.


The analysis was based on three data sources: Instagram, Facebook, and Google Analytics, each of which could tell us something about the culture dynamics found in Aalborg. We chose 100 active key players within Aalborg’s culture and events scene, including cultural spaces, festivals, sports clubs, restaurants, nightlife, and kid’s activities. The aim was to understand in what degree these stakeholders and Aalborg Karneval were communicating with the same audience, based on the Instagram followers they have in common. Through Facebook Audience Insights, we gained a deeper understanding of Aalborg Karneval’s own audience. Descriptive statistics and data helped us understand what type of people most often interact with the carnival’s Facebook page. Meanwhile, Google Analytics gave us insights into how people interact with the website, as well as their other interests.


The analysis produced a collective story that reflects Aalborg Karneval’s attendees’ main interests. Looks, aesthetic, climate, travel, and easy-to-digest entertainment were the most topics that came up the most. The results of the analysis were translated into recommendations that Aalborg Karneval can use for curating the festival program, as well as initiating new collaborations with partners that can strengthen the carnival’s content and external communication.