Implementing SDGs in Arendal

Data-driven co-creation, that involves the citizens voices regarding the implementation of the UN’s world goals in Arendal Municipality through the ‘digital social people meeting’.

#Collective knowledge • #Citizen participation • #Co-creation • #Data-driven workshop


The Arendal Municipality in Norway are actively working on increasing the co-creation between them and the citizens. At the same time, the municipality has decided to implement the UN’s world goals in their new society plan. Which leaves the municipality with the question: “How can we involve as many citizens as possible in co-creating concrete initiatives for the implementation of the world goals?”


Backscatter are digitally mapping the citizens opinions regarding UN’s world goals throughout the ‘digital social people meeting’.


By using digital methods, we were able to collect and listen to inputs from many citizens at once. The digital and social mapping resulted in an open workshop where the citizens, the Municipality and other interests together co-created concrete pilot projects based on the initiatives presented by the citizens.