Copenhagen – an outdoor tourist destination

An Instagram-based analysis investigates which values and specific qualities users associate with outdoor experiences in Copenhagen.



As COVID-19 restrictions define our reality, it has become even more important that cities can offer attractive outdoor spaces for both visitors and locals. Wonderful Copenhagen wants to know more about Copenhagen’s potential to host outdoor tourist attractions – from a user’s perspective.


When locals and visitors from around the world share photos of their outdoor experiences in Copenhagen, it gives us an idea of what values and qualities are associated specifically with that area of Copenhagen. From a starting point of 255,000 Instagram posts – where hashtags #copenhagen, #berlin, #oslo, or #stockholm respectively are used with #outdoor, #nature, #outside – we mapped they ways outdoor space is perceived and used in Copenhagen, compared to other cities. At the same time, we zoomed in on posts related to Copenhagen’s outdoor scene and analysed their content from a qualitative persepctive. This gave us insight into the patterns found in specific areas of the city, and the feelings and activities people associate with Copenhagen’s outdoor offerings.


The analysis made it possible to identify Copenhagen’s specific strengths and position through the eyes and camera lens of the user. The result gave Wonderful Copenhagen and others within tourism inspiration for how city spaces can be used in new and creative ways. We also saw certain city branding elements that can help position Copenhagen as an outdoor destination, as well as restore the tourism industry in our capital.