Culture and Leisure Management

Data-informed organisational development, with a focus on expanding the understanding and use of data in KFF.

#Data fantasy • #Data realism • #Organisation development • #Data literacy • #Data-driven innovation


KFF approached Backscatter with a desire to expand the organization's overall competencies in using data to support local development projects. The challenge for KFF was to ensure that it was not only managers or selected “Excel sharks” who would hold the skills, but that a general “data-reading ability” was developed amongst all of the employees. This, in a hope to become able to design, devise and analyse data-driven projects in the future.


In cooperation with KFF, Backscatter prepared a tailor-made course that suited the organization's goals and size. KFF is a large organization with several units and with a lot of data in circulation. The course therefore stretched over half a year, involving both employees and managers from the organization's various units.


A tailored management course that increased the collective understanding and imagination of using data amongst employees in KFF, by developing and strengthen both managers and employees' data competencies.