Creative Denmark

An analysis of discourses, media, and key stakeholders within the creative industry in relation to Denmark’s three largest export markets.

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Our society is moving towards an era impacted by technological development, complex problems, and creative solutions. The creative industries in Denmark must not only adapt to an ever-changing market, but also be a leader and inspiration for the rest of the world. Denmark has created a reputation for themselves as forerunners in creative business. But the growth potential for Danish creative businesses is yet to be fully utilised. Creative Denmark wanted to use analysis to test the waters of Denmark’s export opportunities within architecture, design, furniture, film, music, PR, and gaming. The markets they want to tap into include Denmark’s three largest: North America, Germany, and the Nordics. The aim was to find a data-driven fundament for the future’s export marketing activities.


The data used for research was based on media data from the three markets, spread out over the eight industries. We harvested data from international media, blogs, forums, and social platforms – resulting in a total of 700,145 individual articles and posts made between 2018-2020. Using an automated text analysis of this massive amount of unstructured data, we could gain an overview of the tendencies and conversations that exist in these three export markets. In addition, we mapped which stakeholders and companies were particularly dominant in discussions surrounding the creative industries, and on which platforms they were found.


The analysis gave us insight into differences and similarities between the three markets, based on five chosen themes: innovation, sustainability, digitalisation, partnerships, and quality of life – where Denmark hopes to create their own niche. The knowledge gained would drive the pillars for the foundation of our creative industry’s marketing and positioning strategy.