Creative Industries DK

An analysis of creative industries in Denmark for NordicLA. With a thick data perspective we explore what barrieres Danish creatives experience in terms of internationalizing, while the skills of creative leaders are mapped with large-scale LinkedIn data

#LinkedIn #Big Data # Thick Data #Data-driven innovation #Qualitative analysis


Together with partners such as the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NordicLA wanted to explore the Danish creative industry to understand what potentials and challenges creative companies experience in terms of exporting to international markets.


By combining data scientific and anthropological methods, Backscatter collected qualitative inputs from 200 leaders in danish creative companies, questioning them about their experiences, motivations and challenges with internationalizing. Simultanouesly, we collected data from LinkedIn; harvesting the skills listed on the profiles of the approx. 10.0000 leaders of creative companies in DK listed on the platform. Based on this we map the business skills are typical and not typical among leaders in the creative industry in order to shed light on what qualifications creative leaders are lacking, which would help them in their internationalization efforts.


The results of the analysis will be presented in a report about the creative industry, co-authored by NordicLA, BCW communication agency and Backscatter. The report will be shared with the project’s partners and will be used by NordicLA to engage investors in funding a new incubator that will help more Danish creatives internationalize.