Culture builds bridges between Østerbro & Nordhavn

Mapping of potential collaborations among the two neighbourhoods’ culture-makers.

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Construction is in full swing in the old industrial part of Nordhavn, a neighbourhood under development that aims to make space for cultural and experience-focused activities. The development will affect those already settled in Nordhavn and Østerbro, as their new neighbours provide new opportunities for culture life – new formats, new venues, and new potential for collaboration. By & Havn, Kulturdistrektet, Kultur Ø, and Wonderful Copenhagen want to identify possibilities for building bridges between Nordhavn and Østerbro.


By harvesting data from 3.7 million Instagram posts with hashtags #Nordhavn and #Østerbro from the last 2.5 years, we could see what other hastags (e.g. #hygge) were used in combination with the two neighbourhoods. This gave us an idea of the place-specific characteristics that make Nordhavn and Østerbro special to users of the area. In addition, we conducted a so-called follower analysis, where we mapped how different stakeholders within culture, sports, tourism, and the food scene are connected with each other and which target groups they share.


The analysis formed a data-driven foundation for new approaches, strategies, and activities that Kulturdistriktet, Wonderful Copenhagen, By & Havn, and Kultur Ø would implement the two neighbourhoods. Our recommendations also gave inspiration to how the four partners can rethink their role they play in the area, and how they collaborate with stakeholders and culture-makers in the area.