DNA Aalborg

A vision and strategy development process for the future of Aalborg Municipality in Denmark, enriched by a digital and data-driven re-thinking of the citizen participation process.

#Citizen participation • #Network analysis • #Strategy development • #Vision


In relation to the comprehensive vision and strategy development for the future of Aalborg, the Municipality were faced with the question: What is the ground narrative about Aalborg city and municipality? Who are we? What do we want? Where should we go?


We worked together with the municipality to construct a new vision for the future of Aalborg, based on the citizens opinions and inputs. To engage as many citizens as possible in the debate, we combined the use of various digital platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, with more traditional participation methods such as citizen meetings, interviews and meetings in councils and boards. Herein we gave the citizens the opportunity to express and submit their opinions in free text.


The effort resulted in 5441 text based statements from the citizens of Aalborg Municipality. We gathered all the citizens statements into a visual overview-map and integrated it into a searchable database, where the citizens, politicians and interests could get an overview of the opinions and simultaneously navigate in the specific statements related to the themes. The database formed the basis of a vision-description which was accepted by an agreeable city council. The process resulted in a new narrative of the municipality, a promise for the future and five strategic pointers.