Embankments in Dragør

Rethinking citizen involvement by combining classic and digital methods of participation, in order to enrich and include more in the debate regarding the future coastal protection in Dragør.

#User participation • #Digital datascape • #Network analysis • #Collective knowledge


In relation to the future planning of coastal protection in Dragør, the Municipality took the initiative to rethink citizen involvement in order to enlarge the number of participants.


By combining public meetings with experimental participation methods, we made it possible for the citizens to express their opinions online (e.g. on Facebook). In overall, we collected 667 written statements from the citizens in Dragør, which we mapped and integrated into a digital database. The database highlighted the different issues in the debate, while a network map of the issues made it possible for us to illuminate the central issues and which issues that were closely related to each other.


The project made it possible to include and identify patterns of a large number of inputs from citizens - without loosing the overview or reducing all inputs into an average. The database allowed the citizens, politicians and interests to access all the statements, and find their own statements in the debate, which created a certain level of transparency. The process resulted in a strengthened user involvement and foundation for data-driven decision making in the municipality.