Financial Directors DK

Which skills characterise financial managers in the public room, and is it possible to identify different types of ‘persona’ or technical profiles among the financial managers in Denmark?

#LinkedIn data • #Competencies mapping • #Strategic counseling • #Social media analysis


In connection with the annual meeting for the association of financial managers, we were asked to conduct an analysis of the skills that characterise the current and future financial managers. More specifically, an analysis of the profiles that get recruited as financial managers in the Danish municipalities, and what is prioritized during the recruitment.


Backscatter collected data from LinkedIn over Danish financial managers, directors and CFO’s, including the skills listed on their LinkedIn profiles. We used the data to map which skills the different types of financial managers hold. Through a digital network analysis, we managed to identify four different archetypical management profiles; the political financial manager, the economical financial manager, the economist and the business developer.


Mapping the LinkedIn profiles revealed which skills that characterise the financial managers in the future. These inputs were extremely valuable for the association of financial managers, in relation to their strategic work with recruitment and investment.