Home.Earth moves to Nærheden

A semantic analysis of local, online conversations gives input on the development of a leisure and retail offering for new city area inhabitants.

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Home.Earth wants to know more about Nærheden’s potential, seen from the perspective of the inhabitants. In addition, they would like to develop principles for how Home.Earth could be a catalyst for a lively, local community in the area. With a netnographic analysis, Home.Earth hopes to answer the following questions: What kinds of patterns can we see in the things residents are interested in, talk about, and value most? What is it that brings people together in their community?


We analysed how the conversation about Nærheden plays out on local social media. We looked at 6000 debate posts within social media groups in order to understand the patterns found in inhabitants needs, wants, hopes, and worries related to the development of the area. Additionally, we analysed 75,000 digital debate posts regarding four well established city areas – Ørestad, Valby, Nordvest, and Brønshøj – all of which are known for having a strong digital bond in the community. This aimed to find elements in the inhabitants’ local conversations that could inspire the design of Nærheden’s development as a community.


The insights from the analysis allowed us to develop principles for how a leisure and retail development can be planned in Nærheden, in way that benefits both the residents and the surrounding area. These valuable insights on the local market will make it easier for businesses to customise their offering of products and services, as they look to open in Nærheden and attract new customers.