Future Education in Horsens

A digital mapping of visions and needs of both students, parents and employees in regards to the future of Horsens municipality elementary school. Providing a basis for further strategic development of the school and its future.

#Public Engagement #Network analysis #Strategy development #Vision


Horsens municipality was faced with the challenge of how to define and direct the future development of the elementary school. In this context, Backscatter was asked to collect and map the many wishes, needs and ideas of students and adults with connection to one of the elementary schools in Horsens. Thereby, activating collective knowledge and experience around the elementary school, while equipping decision-makers to create democratic strategies for the future of the school.


In collaboration with the municipality of Horsens, Backscatter carried out a data proces, inviting students and adults connected to one of the elementary schools in Horsens to give their input on how the school should develop in the future. This, based on the idea that the school should be shaped by the people that knows its current qualities and holds concrete suggestions to how it can be improved. Through digital mapping and manual qualifications, the thousands of inputs from students and adults were visualised in ways that created overview of the debate while making visible the individual inputs. Subsequent, the analysis was integrated into a interactive database, allowing both decision-makers and citizens to explore and navigate the complex debate.


Through digital mapping of more than 7000 inputs from students and adults with connection to one of the elementary schools in Horsens, thousands of visions and suggestions to the future of the school was concretized and visualised. At the same time, Backscatter helped the municipality turn these insights into tools in their strategic work on developing its elementary schools. This way, decision-makers and stakeholders were equipped for the strategic work on shaping the future of the elementary school based on the the visions and needs of the people attached to it.