Leadership Summit Viborg

A ‘live’ analysis that quickly and effectively created insights into, what a gathering of 300+ municipal leaders thought about a new management model, and thus activated the gatherings broad collective knowledge.

#Collective knowledge • #Live analysis • #Data-driven decisions • #Workshop


The City Council of Viborg presented a new management model for the municipality at the annual leadership day. On this day, they wanted to involve the 330 municipal leaders in the upcoming implementation to collect their reactions concerning the management model, and to have an immediate discussion about their reactions.


By combining automated text processing, manual analysis and algorithm-based network, Backscatter mapped all ‘live’ inputs from the gathering and emphasized the essential patterns and themes throughout the debate, without reducing the complexity or losing the individual statements.


Within two intense hours, we were able to collect and illustrate the leaders reactions, herein which themes that were commonly emphasized by the leaders (in general) and which themes that were often mentioned together. The live analysis provided the management with valuable insights on the most significant concerns and opportunities shared by the 330+ leaders who attended the event, which led to a ‘live’ discussion and later used proactively during the development and implementation of the new management model.