Odense Makers

A workshop aiming at developing network analysis skills amongst organisations and entrepreneurs in the cultural industry. Further, to map the cultural landscape in Odense in order to define Odense Makers position within the cultural ecosystem.

#Facebook data • #Data literacy • #Data fantasi • #Data realisme • #Web scraping • #Ecosystem mapping


Odense Makers was hosting an event that brought together different organisations and entrepreneurs from the city of Odense. In this regard they had a two-fold wish: to develop ´data literacy´and the ability to create data projects within the cultural industry and further, a concrete analysis of the cultural landscape of Odense.


Backscatter designed a customized project, involving carrying out a real data project in collaboration with Odense Makers. Because we believe that the best way to educate ´data literacy´is by working in practice with a data project in which one can see direct relevance. Therefore, Backscatter held a participatory data workshop lasting several days. Here, Odense Makers took part in a data sprint, mapping the cultural actors in Odense while investigating their user overlap on Facebook.


The project resulted in concrete and new insights into the ecosystem of cultural actors in Odense, while developing Odense Makers ability to launch creative, realistic data projects in the future.