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Together with the youth organization SAGA, we mobilise young adults to produce knowledge on their interests, concerns, habits, and values. We do that through a new form of digitally-mediated, participatory, direct engagement in Backscatter's app Our Walk.

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Nordjyske Medier wants to increase its presence among young adults (18-29 yo) based in (or originally from) Jutland, to produce knowledge and content more relevant to them. To do so, Backscatter and SAGA collaborate to gain a glimpse on their worldviews, their dreams, interests, concerns and values, in a participatory way.


By combining existing knowledge and data with a new participatory approach, Backscatter works at the crossroad of qualitative and quantitative digital research. 20 young people are involved in the processes of data generation analysis in ideas- and solution-oriented workshops. With the help of Our Walk, Backscatter's PhotoVoice participatory app, the participants are asked to generate data on their interests, opinions and habits through purpose-specific tasks in the app. The analysis of the data is the starting point of physical workshops in which ideas and reflections are generated and finalised in concrete recommendation for Nordjyske Medier production.