Randers Municipality

“The future city by the water” is a digital mapping of what the citizens of Randers see as opportunities for their municipality, and further, in what direction they want it to move forward.

#Collection • #Collective knowledge • #City development • #Semantic network analysis


In the city of Randers, a new district must be developed as the industry is moving away form the harbor. At the same time, the city must be secured against future storm surges. The municipality of Randers therefore wanted to involve its citizens in a process where solutions were anchored in their visions and ideas for the future of Randers.


Through an open creative process via Facebook, competitions, container exhibition in the city and meetings, inputs from the citizens were collected in order to answer the question of how Randers should develop. With the help of semantic network analyzes, we derived the central themes and visions for the "City of the Future for the Water".


Through a digital mapping of the citizens inputs, we made it possible for thousands of voices to be heard, while the users of Randers city was able to shape the urban development themselves. Thus, the project created a foundation that was crucial for further decision making in the municipality management.