Royal Unibrew

A visual mapping of Royal Unibrews existing and potential sponsors, based on a post-demographic segmentation of user communities on Facebook, based on behaviour, preferences, and interests.

#Facebook data • #Digital behaviour • #Online user communities • #Post-demographic analysis


Royal Unibrew faced a strategic process in which to evaluate their commercial partnerships and identify new opportunities for meaningful sponsorships. They contacted Backscatter with a desire to use Facebook data to understand their users - and their interests - in new ways.


Backscatter used a combination of computer science and anthropology to collect and map data on the digital behavior of Royal Unibrew’s Facebook-followers. Here, a specific interest was on how users interacted with existing sponsors online. Based on this interested, it was mapped, which sponsors shared users to a greater extent, and which sponsors stood alone with a more unique user community. Further, the analysis showed what content and type of communication works most effectively to engage different users and communities.


The project contributed to a fundamental rethinking of the way Royal Unibrew was understanding and segmenting their users. Instead of traditional segmentation of users based on age, gender and other demographic factors, our analysis offered an opportunity for a “post-demographic segmentation” of users based on their digital behavior, preferences and interests.