The Restaurant Scene in Copenhagen - Wonderful Copenhagen

A cross-media analysis of restaurants in Copenhagen and their audiences sheds light on differences and similarities in restaurants, as well as emerging trends and preferences of their users.

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Wonderful Copenhagen is launching a new program for improving collaborations and innovation across restaurants in the Capital Area. To more effectively engage and onboard restaurants in the program and to foster development, innovation, and collaborations among them, Wonderful Copenhagen wants to have a perspective on preferences, behavioral patterns, and values of users connecting restaurants with each other.


Wonderful Copenhagen and Backscatter identify a list of restaurants capturing differences in size, price-range and area within the city of Copenhagen. To better differentiate user engagement, we collect data from 3 platforms (Google Maps: 64k reviews; Trip Advisors: 14k reviews; Instagram: almost 1M followers). Based on users' co-engagement, we connect and map restaurants in a network, and we identify dimensions and clusters of similarly engaged-with restaurants. We then look at what interests the users have: we do some by looking at which other places they have recently been to (on Google Maps), and which other accounts do they most follow (on Instagram). Combining different qualitative and quantitative analyses, taking advantage of netnographic insights, NLP techniques and Visual Network Analysis, we interpret the clusters and gather insights on them. We identify differences and similarities between how people experience the restaurants, how they talk about them, what they value and what they criticize. We also identify profiles of users that are attending the restaurants based on what other interests they have.


The analysis made it possible to meaningfully map the restaurant scene in Copenhagen, identifying 7 clusters along 4 dimensions of engagement (Funky, Fancy, Folkelig, and Forankret). Each cluster is interpreted and enriched with meaningful insights on the characteristics, preferences and interests of the users attending the restaurants. The diversity in platforms and methodologies enriched and strengthened the insights uncovered. In addition to the final report, the analysis produced actionable tables and tools for Wonderful Copenhagen to use, providing, for each restaurant, information on its most valued features, as well as concrete suggestions for partnership.