The Royal Danish Theatre

A digital mapping of communities of interest on Facebook in order to provide new strategic insight into the relationship between The Royal Danish Theatre and potential sponsors.

#Facebook data • #Data sprint • #Business intelligence • #User segmentation • #Post-demographic analysis


In the process of finding sponsors, The Royal Theatre wished to explore and evaluate potential sponsors. This, to create new insights into its users’ interests and to identify potential unconventional sponsorship agreements, the theater wanted to know, what other brands its own Facebook-followers also engaged in.


Backscatter harvested data from The Royal Theatres Facebook page as well as the Facebook pages of more than 100 other organisations, that could be interested in a collaboration with the theater. Here, Backscatter, TANTLab and The Royal Theater collaborated on a data sprint, identifying various overlap between the Facebook page of The Royal Theater and the remaining Facebook communities. This was used to explore which brands and organisations The Royal Theaters users were interacting with and how.


The analysis resulted in a serie of data visualisations, showing which organisations and brands The Royal Theater shared its users with. The project created new methods for evaluation of the the theaters users by identifying communities of interest instead of just “reach” and “likes”. This promoted the communication between The Royal Theatre and a number of other actors, and was used in the inquiry for new potential sponsors.