Wonderful Copenhagen

A digital mapping of how Facebook users interact with different tourism organisations in Greater Copenhagen.

#Facebook data • #Digital mapping • #User communities • #Post-demographic analysis


Wonderful Copenhagen wished to cover the intersection of online user communities among tourism organisations in the Greater Copenhagen region. At the same time, they wanted to know if it could be used to illuminate which activities that creates flows of tourists across Sundet (strait that separates Zealand in Denmark from Scania in Sweden).


Backscatter harvested 5.536 posts from 23 Facebook pages of different tourism organisations in and around the Greater Copenhagen region (the organisations were selected by Wonderful Copenhagen). With the use of network analysis and automated text recognition, we identified how the organisations Facebook posts engaged different or the same user communities on Facebook.


The analysis helped Wonderful Copenhagen to identify which tourism organisations that shared many or few common users, and what kind of content that engaged the users across the organisations. The project contributed to new insights and revealed e.g. which posts that created most user overlap between Malmø and Copenhagen (within city experience and architecture). Wonderful Copenhagen used this knowledge to evaluate how they should engage and attract tourists online.